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Body Count Boys' Talk S#!t, Get Shot Childrens T-shirt Black

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Tee/Hand Pointing Gun & Logo With Dripping Blood Art/Talk Shit, Get Shot You Can Get Hit With The 5th Twisted With The Biscuit Blasted With The Ratchet Jacked With The Mack Bodied With The Shotty Dumped With The Pump Rocked With The Glock Sprayed WIth The K Domed With The Chrome Downed With The Pound Tapped WIth The Strap Wacked With The Gat Dusted With The Musket Tagged With The Mag Wet With The Intratec Bled With The Lead Now You Can Show Off Your Favorite Bands Right At The Moment Of Birth! Get A Tee For Your Child Before Those Tiny Rockers Grow Up!

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